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The GNA Insider

GNA presents: Into the Woods

Madelyn Bugdonovitch, Liam Carcieri, and Harley LaRue

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Drum roll, please! We would like to introduce the 2018 GNA High School Musical Into the Woods. 

Into the Woods, a musical by Stephen Sondheim, follows the journeys of an assortment of classic fairy tale characters as they go into the woods to pursue their wishes. Each character then has to learn how to become self-sufficient and deal with the consequences of their wishes and actions.

GNA will be bringing Into the Woods to life on March 16th and 17th at 7 pm in the high school auditorium.


Baker and Baker’s Wife: 

The Baker and his wife are unable to have a child, but obtain the opportunity to go into the woods to gain one.  The Baker, in the play, is often reserved, while his wife takes more of the responsibility. The Baker and his wife, while on their journey through the woods, rekindle their love for each other.



Cinderella lives with her Stepmother and Stepsisters and acts as the family’s maid. She wishes to finally be respected and attend the prestigious festival at the castle. Cinderella, due to her sheltered life, still retains a level of innocence. She has to learn, throughout the play, to take responsibility and make decisions for herself.

Little Red Riding Hood:

Little Red Riding Hood is a headstrong little girl who is not afraid to speak her mind. However, she, at times, can be very unaware of her surroundings and naive. Her gullibility causes her problems throughout the play. Little Red discovers that she needs to form her own morals and learns that other people can not take care of her forever. Throughout the play we see how Little Red matures from a child.



Jack, a childish boy, seeks to protect his cow, “Milky White,” from the people and world around him. He does not understand the duties of adulthood and often is no where to be found. He doesn’t truly realizes the effects of his choices and wishes until it is too late. Jack learns, much like Little Red, to become more mature and to take car of himself.


The Witch:

The Witch possesses power unlike any other. She lists the facts and is very to-the-point in her way of speech. She provides a sense of reality in this fairy tale based production, although, she has her own desires and wishes. She longs for power and beauty and manipulates people in attempts to gain it.



The Princes

Raised in a wealthy and plentiful environment, the Princes lack understanding and respect for the townspeople and their problems. They believe that they are entitled to everything, especially women. They assume that women should be submissive. However, no matter who confronts them, they remain the same.



Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters

Much like the classic fairy tale, Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are the definition of evil. Their pretty faces often deceive even the wisest, but behind closed doors, they abuse Cinderella. They treat Cinderella as their slave and refuse to let her attend the festival. In the narrator’s words, “beautiful of face, but vile and black of heart.”



Cinderella’s father

Although Cinderella’s father is a heavy drinker, he means well for his family. He’s often out of touch and oblivious to the abuse that his daughter suffers.



Jack’s mother

A character that all mothers can relate to, Jack’s mother wants the best for Jack. She wants to give her child a better life. Her wish revolves around her child, wanting more money to support Jack and give back to him.




Rapunzel, locked in her tower, wishes to see the outside world. Her wishes, however, lead her to do things that she is later punished by her mother for. She learns that not everything in the world is good or as it appears.




The Wolf

The Wolf plays a key role in the development of Little Red’s character. Without this hungry wolf, Little Red would not have learned the things that she did.






Little Red’s grandmother is a unique individual. Her influence is what causes Little Red to be so determined and headstrong.





An outlier from the cast, the Narrator tells the story and is the only one who knows how the story ends.




Mysterious Man

An enigma to the other characters, the Mysterious Man holds and unlocks many secrets in the plot.






The steward of Cinderella’s Prince, the Steward tries to do his job, but is never given the respect he feels he deserves for his work by the Prince.



About the Writers
Madelyn Bugdonovitch, Student Writer
My name is Madelyn Rose Bugdonovitch and I am a junior. I am currently attending college part time along with high school, through our school’s Dual Enrollment program. I am a member of the National Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society. I have been involved in Chorus for the past 7 years, as well...
Liam Carcieri, Student Writer
My name is Liam Carcieri. This is my junior year and second year of writing for “The GNA Insider.” I am a dual enrollment student and a member of the Upward Bound program. I do fencing, love to study history, and enjoy listening to classical music. I hope that I, and my articles, can live...
Harley LaRue, Student Writer
My name is Harley LaRue, and I am a junior. I moved to GNA at the end of the 9th grade from Pittston Area. I enjoy reading, writing, sleeping, taking pictures, and hanging out with my friends and family. I am a 2 year member and letter recipient of the National French Honor Society and...
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GNA presents: Into the Woods