Trojans, once again, dominate Valley West Spartans

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Trojans, once again, dominate Valley West Spartans

Aaron Miller, Editor & Writer

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The Trojans arrived at Wyoming Valley West high school knowing that if they played a solid game they would come out on top of the 4-10 Spartans.

Our student section was forced to go into the balcony viewing location of the gymnasium, but all it did was give them a bird’s eye view of the entire game and allow for their cheers to permeate throughout the gym. Both student sections created an energetic atmosphere that would ultimately contribute to the outcome of the game.

The game began with a steady start with the first quarter ending 17-10 in favor of the Trojans. This consistency continued from the Trojans for the entirety of the game, not allowing the Spartans to once have the lead.

In the final quarter of the game, the intensity rose from Valley West, allowing them to have a short lived comeback, but slowly their new found confidence faded, along with their student section’s support. The Spartans were not able to match the concentration of our boys’ team; therefore, adding another loss to their growing streak.

Final score: Nanticoke 69 (13-3), Wyoming Valley West 62 (4-11).

Nate Kreitzer finished the game with 22 points and Trahjan Krupinski added 19.

Our Trojan varsity and junior varsity teams play next at home on February 3 against Meyers.