Mrs. Brown set to retire


Congratulations to Mrs. Brown, who is set to retire at the end of the school year.

Gabriel Josefowicz , Student Writer

GNA CAMPUS – As yet another school year comes to an end, Greater Nanticoke Area will not only say goodbye to the Class of 2022, but it will also say goodbye to an individual who has given most of her life to education. Mrs. Brown, who has been a crucial factor in the lives of many students, is set to retire at the end of the school year.

“To teach is to touch a life,” and in her many years of service, Mrs. Brown has been a positive influence on countless people.

Mrs. Brown is the type of educator that all young teachers aspire to be like, the type of teacher that all students respect, and the type of individual that all of us strive to become. She represents everything that is honorable within the profession of teaching.

The Greater Nanticoke Area School District would like to extend a huge congratulations to Mrs. Brown! 

The GNA Insider sat down with Mrs. Brown to ask her a few questions:

What are some of your fondest memories here at GNA? 

There are so many memories here at GNA, where does one begin? Spending time in various classrooms, concerts, plays, athletic events, community programs, and other student-based programs that highlighted the pride/talent of our district.

What will you miss the most about working here? 

 That’s an easy question to answer, “The students and staff.”

What will you miss about your coworkers?

I will miss each and every person that allowed me to be part of the TEAM at GNA, through the good times, and the challenging times. Our TEAM has integrity that brightens the classrooms and hallways here at GNA.  It almost makes me sad to retire … ALMOST.  Kidding aside, “Thanks for the memories.”

If you were asked to describe yourself in one sentence what would you say?

“I am a positive person that gets a great source of inspiration seeing my students develop and grow as independent individuals.”

Who or what influenced you to become a teacher?

The person who influenced me the most in becoming a teacher was my fifth and sixth-grade teacher, Mrs. Zanecki. She believed in each of her students and found their individual uniqueness while encouraging them to blossom as learners and human beings. 

You will be remembered for a lot of things here at GNA. What do you think people will remember the most about you?

My passion for my work, being supportive and empathetic towards others, adapting to change, and being kind and humble.  Now, Mr. Carey may say differently.

What do you plan on doing during your retirement?

The new chapter will begin with me taking control of how I will spend my time: maybe extra minutes of sleep, spending more time with my daughter and grandchildren, crafting, gardening, reading (to learn new information), and just relaxing, and enjoying life.

Being a teacher, it is obvious you have influenced and touched many lives. If you could describe that feeling what would you say?

When I chose the profession of teaching, I knew I was making an emotional commitment to heightening students’ self-awareness. Through the years of teaching, I found that every student is unique and deserves the right to be assisted in developing skills. You become the cheerleader for each and every student in your classroom. It’s priceless when a student begins to realize that they can learn and achieve once they figure out how they learn.