Ukraine vs Russia


Ukraine vs Russia

Aiden Ball, Student Writer

UKRAINE – This topic is one that can be a very controversial one depending on your viewpoint, but it’s very important national news nonetheless. Let’s get into the updates on the war. Since the last article that I wrote there was something rather large, that took place. The event I’m referring to is when just one day ago a Ukrainian missile strike took down and completely destroyed a Russian oil depot. This is the first time the war has extended beyond the borders of Ukraine.

Just the other day headlines read ‘Ukraine celebrates blowing up Russian warships’. Many experts believe this and the explosion of the Russian oil depot are very important turning points in the war. Why celebrate the blowing up and sinking of a Russian warship? Well, this is largely because that very same warship was carrying in more troops and weapons to help aid in Russia’s fight with Ukraine.

Over the past few days, Ukraine continues to hold its own and regain control over certain parts of Ukraine. Russia is struggling and it really shows now more than ever in this very vitally important war. Why is it important? Ukraine is trying to uphold and save the democracy that its citizens are so very proud of. Throughout this war, the whole world has come together to stand with Ukraine and stick up to the big bully Vladimir Putin.

This war also has most (not all) Russian troops confused about why they’re exactly fighting it in the first place. The reason behind the confusion is that several of these Russian soldiers have family members who reside in Ukraine. Unfortunately,  they have no choice but to listen to Putin or else suffer the consequences that come from the dictator. Hopefully, these soldiers will eventually stand up to Putin and his evil buddies and refuse to fight this fight for him.

At the end of the day, this war never needed to be fought and should’ve been resolved long ago. Of course, it wasn’t and many unfortunate tragedies have since taken place. However, I’m very hopeful that this will soon be resolved through the negotiation process whenever the two counties decide to meet at the table again. Hopefully, more innocent lives are lost at the hands of evil, and peace is once again restored!