Schoolwide election schedule

(Further Explained)

Emily Eisenhauer, Student Writer

GNA CAMPUS – Wednesday, March 30th: Class advisors (varies per grad year) had already met with potential candidates in the library. As a brief rundown, students can hold such positions as Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, or President, all were mentioned during the activity period (7:25-7:55)on the date of 03/30/22. In addition, the election process and rules as well as the distribution of petitions has been conversed about. A preview of the following Classes, 22’ 23’and 24’ will abide by the following…

1. All students running for class office must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 90.0.

2. A student will not be permitted to run for class office if they have had a failing course grade in any class during the current school year.

3. A student will be denied the opportunity to run for office if he/she had more than five(5) level I disciplinary infractions or any one (1) or more level Il or higher disciplinary infractions of school policy during the previous school year.

4. A student can only hold one class office. A student cannot be a class officer/student council officer and hold an office of another student-run organization.

5. The petitions of the prospective candidate for class office must be properly and entirely: completed, filed, and approved. A student may sign only one petition for any one class office. Student signatures on these petitions must be of those students in the same class Only.

6. Failure to adhere to the rules and regulations of proper conduct will result in removal from class office as decided by the administrative review panel. The administrative review panel for class elections will consist of the class advisors, school principal, assistant principal, and guidance counselor.

7. All students running for class office must maintain respectable school attendance. Any student who has 10 or more unexcused absences may not run for any class office. In addition, any elected officer whose unexcused absences exceed 10 days may be suspended or removed from his/her elected position.

8. Class advisors maintain the right to remove and replace any elected officer who fails to perform the duties of their position.

Class Advisors:

Sophomores(10th): Mr.Carey & Mrs.Pray
Juniors (11th): Ms.Muench & Mrs.Harbaugh
Seniors (12th): Mr.Collins & Mrs.Jeffries

Friday, April 8th: Completed petitions are due to your respective class advisors; listed above. The Petition for Class Office consists of the following…

An agreement;” I (Students Name) , do hereby petition the administrative review panel of the GNA Senior High School to have my name placed on the ballot for the Junior Class office of (Preferred Position) for the 2022 – 2023 school year.

It must also conclude a:

Candidate Signature: (Student’s Signature)
Administrative Office Approval: Mr. Speece
Guidance Counselor Approval: Mrs.Kneal or Mr.Hischak
Class Advisor Signature:(dependent)

As well as:
The signatures of 25 fellow classmates

After all requirements have been completed and the signatures have been obtained. Petitions should be returned prior to the due date. No petitions will be accepted after the due date, nor placed on the ballot for class office. There will be NO ACCEPTIONS after the day of Tuesday, April 8th.

Monday, April 11th: Posters and fliers are due. Both the posters and flyers need to be approved by your class advisors and then taken to the office for Ms.Scibek or Mr. Speece’s approval. (Limit: 1 poster and 5 flier copies)

Wednesday, April 13th: Speeches are due electronically to your class advisors.

Thursday, April 21st: Speeches will be delivered in the auditorium to your classmates. (22’ 23’ 24’)

Friday, April 22nd: Election Day. Students will vote in Google Classroom. The Google Classroom polls will open at 7 am and close at 5 pm. Votes will only count within the given hours.