‘The Moon and The Sun…’

This is a poem I wrote about the moon and sun being in love but never being able to be together.

Jazmine Trathen, Student Writer

The moon speaks and it doesn’t tell sad stories like they say, it talks about the world.  

The moon tells tales of the men, the woman, the children, the air, the water, the fire, and the nature it sees. 

It doesn’t tell sad tales it tells tales that are so unbelievably happy that you cry

Because you wish you could experience that. 

It’s not that the moon is dying; it’s that the moon is lonely because its sun can never be there. 

Everyone knows you can’t see the sun when the moon is out and you can’t see the moon when the sun is out. 

One can wish that they soon fall in love and crash into each other rather than run away. 

Until then the moon will tell its tales.

On the other side with the sun,

The sun watches overall, from the highest point to the lowest lows bringing light and warmth. 

But the sun is so lonely without the moon. 

The sun watches as the moon tells its tales,

The tales about the people and the land. 

The sun watches just as the moon so breathtakingly and openly admires all. The sun watches as the Moon smile’s embrace the land at night;

it seems that even if the sun does not fall into the moon.

The moon still will be in the shadow while the sun shines brightly.

But the sun still wished they could be together but there is no hope for two that are not even seen to each other,

Until they fall into each other, the sun will shine; while the moon tells its tales.