Aiden Ball, Student Writer

MLB – The players union and the owners have officially agreed to terms on a new CBA. This comes after the players got a rather fair deal (finally) from the owners. The players and the owners agreed to this after a very long lockout which went on for what felt like an eternity. With this new deal ratified it brings the very long 99-day owner imposed lockout to an end. Since the deal was agreed upon before the new deadline, ALL 162 games will be played!

Now we have entered back into the free-agent frenzy with notable star players signing left and right. Free agency, however, started out very slow after the lockout ended rather than the high-speed signings of free agents like everyone expected. This CBA also fixed many issues that surrounded the game for years.


  • CBT threshold: $230 million in 2023 and peaks at $244 million in the final year of CBA
  • CBT penalty tier: the introduction of a new tier that starts at $60 million past the threshold (the highest tier used to sit $40 million above the threshold);
  • Minimum salary: $700,000 and peaks at $780,000 in the final year of CBA;
  • Pre-arb bonus pool: $50 million
  • Postseason format: 12 teams

We now have our American past time back which people needed more than they realized.