This is a poem I wrote – it’s about being more than the bare minimum. It’s about doing more with your life.

The picture that inspired this poem.

The picture that inspired this poem.

Jazmine Trathen, Student Writer

We are simply human 

We are no superheroes, villains, knights, or princesses 

We are mundane; rooted to our soul being of boringness

We wish we could be anything but mundane

But we simply cannot change tis of our nature even if we wished

We are mundane we do not have superpowers nor do we have wings or tails

But we do have artists and poets, they are worlds away, up in the stars they simply are wonders. 

They do not have a purpose they must fulfill, they are free to be whom they desire. 

One day I wish to be just as an artist and a poet

Even if it takes me a thousand years I will be more than the mundane.