WIN periods set to begin in December

Aiden Ball, Student Writer

GNA CAMPUS – Are you in need of extra help in preparing for your Keystone Exams? If your answer is yes, then WIN periods are set to begin in December and will help prepare you for the tests.

What is WIN?

WIN stands for What I Need. WIN is a 45 minute period on Monday-Friday embedded in the Master Schedule for students to self-regulate and prioritize their learning. WIN acknowledges that students lead busy lives and navigate competing demands for their time in and outside of school.

The WIN classes will be held during activity period on the below dates. The subjects covered are English, biology, and algebra.

WIN periods:


3, 13 & 17


10, 14, 24 & 28


7, 11 & 25


7, 11, 21 & 25


4, 8, 25 & 29


To find out more information on how WIN periods can help you, stop by the office today!