GNA clubs and organizations


The GNA Insider: (Front row) Kayla Eckrote, Ashley Kocher, Emily Cullen, Jenna Baron. (Standing) Kim Smith, Morgan Burleigh, Lance Jenson, Jordan Spencer, Maya Davison.

Jenna Baron, Student Writer

GNA CAMPUS – Greater Nanticoke Area has many different opportunities for students to get involved in campus life. Not all students have to play sports or be a cheerleader to have a place in the student body.

GNA offers many different clubs to help to get students more involved with their peers. There are clubs for all tastes and personalities, ranging from an art club to a chess club to an astronomy club. Below are several options for those who still seek to join such a group:

Art Club with Mrs. Rubal

The art club gives students a creative outlet to express themselves. The club partakes in all sorts of different community service activities, such as the Empty Bowls Project. Art club takes place just about every day after school in the high school art room. This club works on many fun group projects for the school and the community. Art club is most importantly an outlet to let the student body of GNA express themselves creatively in a safe place.

Chess Club with Mr. Stachowiak 

The GNA Chess Club welcomes anyone with open arms. It will help anyone at any skill level to better understand the game. The club’s main purpose is to give Nanticoke students the opportunity to learn and master the art of chess. The club meets every Thursday during eighth period, allowing students to get to play in person with human companions (instead of robotic replacements for such).

Interact Club with Alicia Pacheco

The Interact Club is a great experience for everyone involved. Anyone from grades 8-12 can be a member. The Interact club is here to help teach and develop students into great leaders. The club meets every Friday at 2 pm in Room 226 of the high school. The club is known for its many fun activities in which it participates and the opportunities which it provides. In the past, the Interact Club has held Easter egg hunts for children, hosted a book reading presentation for elementary students, rung a bell for the Salvation Army, and organized a community movie night (to name a few projects). The Interact Club brings the community together and builds leaders.

Student Council with Ms. Muench

The GNA Student Council welcomes any student from grades 9-12. In order to be a part of the Student Council, students must maintain a clear disciplinary record. The Student Council is in charge of functions that occur throughout the school, including the Spirit Week(s), Spirit Games, homecoming festivities, and the semi-formal. It works year-round to fund and host events for all students. Student Council meets at least twice a month in the high school auditorium. The main goal of the Student Council is to give students a sense of school spirit and to host an array of activities that allow students to get involved in their educational community. 

Aevidum with Ms. Iacovazzi

Aevidum at GNA is an open organization. There are no requirements except for students who want to create a welcoming, positive space at GNA. The purpose of Aevidum is to have a place for students to feel accepted, appreciated, acknowledged and cared for. It is meant to help break the silence that surrounds mental health and other issues teens face, and to promote a positive school culture. Aevidum meets in Room 226 or the guidance office during activity periods. Currently, the Aevidum group is working on the #virtualHi on Instagram, which promotes students who are making our school and community a great place. Aevidum is a group that advocates for students to let everyone know that they matter and can be heard and seen. Aevidum is bringing positivity, fresh ideas and fun campaigns for everyone to join in. They are also working on breaking the stigma of mental health issues and promoting “mental wellness.” 

Astronomy Club with Mr. Koval

The astronomy club is where students take their wonders to the stars. Anyone in grades 9-12 who is interested in science and, specifically Astronomy, may attend. The club explores the science of astronomy through engaging activities, getting more in-depth than the basic topic discussed in the 9th-grade science class. Astronomy club meets Mondays and Wednesdays in Room 114 or 118 from 2-3 pm. So far, they have had debates on space-related topics, worked on group activities like optimizing heat shields for spacecraft re-entering the atmosphere, had a tele-meeting with a professional astronomer, and watched space-related movies. They are planning a “star party” to view celestial objects through telescopes. 

The GNA Insider with Mr. Carey

The GNA Insider is Greater Nanticoke Area’s official online student newspaper. Any student in grades 10-12 who is motivated to report on the positive happenings of GNA is welcome to join the staff.  The purpose of The GNA Insider is to showcase all of the positive people and events at GNA. The online newspaper can be found at The news staff meets every day during first period in Room 204 with Mr. Carey. Students who write for The GNA Insider have the unique opportunity of interacting with students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members alike. They develop and write articles related to the school and community, and then post them to the online newspaper and the Facebook page. The GNA Insider features the people and things that make our school great.