Go Viral!



Morgan Burleigh, Student Writer



GNA CAMPUS- While cell phones and social media are revolutionary tools of communication, they can be used to spread more than texts and tweets. Viral photos and videos of hate-speech, bullying, and violence can spread like wildfire around the internet, and those affected can resort to isolation, drugs, alcohol, and bullying.

In an effort to curb this kind of behavior, the Go Viral! challenge urges students to form “real connections” with each other, and their community.The challenge is simple: using kind words and photos of comfort and encouragement on social media, and seeking out face-to-face contact. The expected outcome of the project is extremely positive; building new identities, forming stronger relationships, and lifting each other up.

There will be a presentation on Wednesday, November 6th, at 9:00 am and 10:00 am, in the Greater Nanticoke Area High School auditorium. There, these points will be discussed:

  1. Connection and belonging
  2. Common experiences; working towards a similar goal
  3. How social media has altered our environment and how we communicate
  4. How social media/cell phones are used for bullying
  5. Peer pressure and manipulation, and how they influence drug and alcohol use
  6. How social media is classified as an addiction, leading to 25% of automobile accidents and killing/injuring over 400,000 people each year
  7. How to take responsibility for your life, and how we can achieve our goals through social media
  8. How we can work together to spread kindness in our school through GO VIRAL

“Imagine how our world may be different if everyone stopped looking for what is wrong or what they would have done differently and they appreciated what is right. Imagine how much easier attending school would be if everyone at your school practiced kindness and good citizenship. We may not be able to change the world but we can change the world around us. We don’t need to imagine this if we decided to make positive words and actions become contagious and GO VIRAL in our lives.”

For more information, and more chances to spread inspiration, visit http://www.camfel.com/pages/go_viral