September 2019: Historical Society display case


Jenna Baron, Student Writer



NANTICOKE – In an effort to strengthen the bond between Greater Nanticoke Area School District and the City of Nanticoke, Mr. Litch and Ms. Scibek have reached out to the Nanticoke Historical Society to set up a display case in the main hallway. Each month the case will have a differently themed exhibit pertaining to the history of Nanticoke.

After deciding on a theme, Mr. Litch and Ms. Scibek will reach out to Chet Zaremba of the Nanticoke Historical Society, who will then look into the Society’s archives. If a sufficient amount of artifacts fitting the theme are present in a given month, he will send them to the school to be a part of that month’s display.

September’s theme was an overview of Nanticoke. Showcased as part of the exhibit were a large map of the city of Nanticoke and an outline of the local coal mines, displaying a representation of Nanticoke’s appearance prior to industrialization. A major factor in the foundation of Nanticoke was the region’s coal mining infrastructure, with the original four coal breakers—Loomis, Bliss, Auchincloss, and Truesdale—initially contributing to the start of steady jobs for families living in the area.

This overview of Nanticoke helps to give current generations an insight into the history and form of the city in the past.