Top 4 favorite Instagram artists of 2019

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Maya Davison, Guest Writer

Throughout 2019, the artists of Instagram found their way into my creative mindset, sprouting lots of inspiration and references for me to learn from. Here are my top four favorite Instagram artists of 2019.

Find this account on Instagram, @tofughostt

4. @tofughostt- This artist uses a peculiar art style, using very jagged yet smooth lines. The art itself seems very simple, but when you analyze it you can interpret an underlying meaning behind their work. The color scheme is very bright, which contrasts the style very well. The shading of this particular artwork is not very precise, which seems to be the intention, because this method is used in many other posts by the artist. Most of the artwork from this artist is in digital form, which is a relatively new medium for creating art.

Find this artist on Instagram, @fulemy

3. @fulemy- Laura Pauselli is a freelance artist based in Italy. Not only is her work displayed on Instagram, but she also has a showcasing on DeviantArt, Youtube, ArtStation, Pintrest, Twitter, RedBubble and Facebook. Like most of the artists on this list, she uses her Instagram for not only artistic expression, but as a way to create a salary. This artist uses a lot of animals in her artwork, which is becoming popular amongst the artist community of Instagram. Her work sparks this idea of fantasy and wonder, just by the way she creates strokes with a pencil. Even the way she adds shading, it is almost like she brings the creature she’s created on a piece of paper to life!

Find this artist on Instagram, @roxartss

2. @roxartss- Elena Rossato is a self-taught artist also from Italy, and whom out of everyone, I have been following for the most amount of time. Nonetheless, a plethora of inspiration has been given to me through the art she creates. Her work is the most realistic when it comes to style, yet the colors she uses shows a creative outlook. She is a traditional artist, which means that she uses a sketchbook for drawing.

Find this artist on Instagram, @godsteethillustration

1. @godsteethillustration- Jonathan Humphreys is an artist based in Wales, who does a mixture of collaging, photography, painting, and illustrative work. He has also adds Gold Leaf, which is gold that has been hammered down into a thin sheet, used for gliding, in some of his artworks. All of his work displayed on Instagram is in black and white, which has become a trademark that many know him by. This feature adds an alluring, lurid trait to much of his art.