What to do with an active shooter threat

Madison Stashak, Student Writer



Recently GNA has required that all teachers hang informative active shooter threat posters within their classroom. This is to help students so that they know what to do if something was to ever happen.

Active shooter threats present unique challenges for those involved. Mental preparation and having a plan are vital to help manage the situation. When faced with an active shooter event, there are three options available: run, hide, or fight.


  • Know all available escape routes and locations
  • Leave regardless of what others do
  • Prevent others from accessing area
  • DO NOT gather belongings
  • Prepare for possible Law Enforcement Encounter by keeping hands visible and follow all commands


  • Turn off lights, lock doors and barricade
  • Stay out of active shooter’s view
  • Silence phones/electronic devices and STAY QUIET
  • Position yourself for the element of surprise
  • Consider escape routes
  • DO NOT let anyone in: There are no exceptions- shooter could be outside, police will conduct search/clearing of location


  • Sudden, aggressive, and violent action against the shooter
  • Once engaged, remain engaged
  • Throw objects at or use objects to strike/hit
  • Yell, scream and be strong-minded
  • Group tackle/assault if possible


Remember to have a plan, remain calm, and call 911 when it is safe